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Toes & Giggles

OK, so about a week ago I slipped while carrying a box to the basement... donít ask. The pain was so bad I thought I must have broken my toe. (I didnít, but it sure felt like I broke it!) And all I could think of was that I couldnít bear to be in a cast for I-Fest! I mean, come on! I-Fest is tough enough to keep up with when youíve got ten good toes!

So as I lay on the floor writhing from the worst pain Iíve EVER had (yes, I have a new 10 on my pain scale), my darling daughter came up with a picture she had drawn just for me. She does this... draws pictures for every occasion, for every person she meets, for every butterfly that flits past her window, for every everything. Sometimes itís cute, sometimes itís touching, sometimes itís really annoying, but her drawings come from her heart and itís something she feels the need to do. So, more power to her.

Now, the pictures that Abby makes usually have something to do with an event or person. Like this time, when I thought I ripped my toe right off my body. As she approached me that night, I knew I needed to suck it up and--through my agony--respond graciously and show her that her thoughtfulness was much appreciated and oh, so helpful. I anticipated a nice sketch of flowers, or maybe a smiley face with the words ďI love you MommyĒ carefully scrawled as only a five-year-old can.

But no. Her picture was nothing like I imagined. My little budding artist is also a realist. So what did she draw?

In green crayon she drew me. My mouth was wide open and screaming. My eyes were squirting gigantic green tears. Even my hair was standing on end.

I think the phrase, ďItís the thought that countsĒ applies here. My preschooler had no idea how absurd it is to try to make people feel better by showing them how pathetic they are. She just wanted to do something to help. And you know, in a round about way it did help. I laughed every time I saw that pained expression that she captured so well. Itís a treasure thatís going into her memory book.

Thank you, Abby, for lifting my spirits and giving me a good laugh right when I needed it!

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