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At almost four years old, our son Zachary has a pretty decent vocabulary. He has always just grasped language and is quite interested in other languages as well. So when he comes up with things like these, it really cracks us up.

Junior The... Yesterday the kids were quoting VeggieTales when I overheard Zach talk about Junior The 'Sparagus. (Hey--there's Kermit The Frog, Bob The Tomato, why not Junior The 'Sparagus?)

Sprinkle-Ums... This evening while driving around town, he kept noticing automatic sprinkler systems that were watering lawns. But he couldn't quite remember what they're called. "Look at the sprinkle-ums! ...the, the... the sprinkle-ons! ...the sprinkle-its..." Then Abby piped up and using her most annoying know-it-all tone said, "Spwinkle-ews, Zach!" (We're still working on our "R"s.) To which Zach replied, "Oh yeah, right. Sprinkle-rrrrs."

I'm really going to miss this stage.

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